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The most popular businesses in the 21st century

Needless to say, our digital era has led to plethora of new demands, and with that, new types of businesses that our grandparents had never heard of before have come into being to cater to these needs.

Here are a few hot 21st century businesses that have emerged in recent years

Affiliate marketing – given the importance of attracting customers online, companies have felt the need for other companies to market their products. For this reason, affiliate marketers came into being. These are marketing gurus that have the tools and resources to promote various products or services on their websites, and drive traffic to these products by special affiliate links. Affiliates are then paid a commission for new paying customers.

Online casinos and sportsbooks – although these have been around for a while, they are constantly on the increase, as operators are tapping into the potential of providing real money games online to different markets. Online casinos and sportsbooks have one major advantage over their land-based counterparts; they can offer thousands of games or betting markets, spoiling their customers for choice. To discover the best casino brands, check out CasinoHawks.com.

E-wallets/online payment solutions – with the rise in e-commerce, people have sought more and more flexibility when buying online. E-wallets are one of the easiest ways to purchase online, enabling the immediate transfer of money. In recent years, more payment providers have come into being, each striving to provide a straightforward online payment solution for businesses.


16 Oct 2019